Who are we?

The LockeSmith Society is a politically right-wing think tank, consisting of a team of young conservatives who want to express themselves and spread the message of liberty to the American people. One blog or video at a time.

The current culture around us suggests that all millennial aged Americans are leftists. The large amount of millennial support for the 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders shows that this stereotype has some truth to it. However, in the wake of socialist candidates, College campus censorship, and strong leftist peer pressure, the conservatives among the American youth demonstrated their integrity and forged their beliefs in the fire of constant opposition.

This organization gathers inspiration from the men it is named after.

Adam Smith, famous for his legendary masterpiece, The Wealth Of Nations, a book on the capitalist economy published in 1776 (the year of our nations founding) that is still used to this day.

John Locke, the enlightenment era philosopher that put forward the idea that government is only legitimized by the consent of the governed, and that all men are born with the right to life, liberty, and property.