Why Freedom?

Why do we need freedom? this might at first seem like a self explanatory question. To most Americans, freedom is a deeply treasured ideal. A pillar of our society. A word we associate with our nation itself. It may seem that this question is a foolish one to ask, after all, who would openly say "I don't think we need freedom".

Well. People say it all the time. Every time a Republican say's that they don't think gay people should be allowed to be married, they are saying they don't believe in that freedom. Every time a Democrat says you should not be allowed to own a AR-15, they are saying they don't believe in that freedom. Freedom after all is just doing as we wish. At the most basic level at least.

One of the things that makes the United States stand out is our belief of liberty, of freedom, as a standard. The vast majority of Americans don't think of terms of "why should we be allowed to do this" but rather "why shouldn't we be allowed to do this?".  The idea that freedom of choice and personal decision are inherent in everyone,  that liberty is precious to each and every person.

This is the mindset we must keep in mind, and never stray from. Debate should first be approached as "why shouldn't we be allowed to do X?" and not "why should we be allowed to do X?" or "why do we NEED to be allowed to do X" because if we start thinking in terms of the latter, we start to see things in a purely utilitarian perspective that does not appreciate the importance of freedom.

For example, can you really justify why performer Erik Sprague (Also known as the Lizard man) NEEDS the freedom to split is tongue like a snake's,  tattoo himself totally green, and cover himself with various other body modifications, all for the purpose of looking like a lizard?


you'd find it difficult to say why he needs to. Thankfully, you don't have to and neither does he. He does it because he wants to. He needs no other justification. And if you were to try and stop him, he wouldn't need to justify why he needs to, you'd have to justify why you need to stop him.

And to me, that's beautiful. This is freedom.

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