We Are LockeSmiths

We are driven by our own passion and love of freedom.  Our objective is to spread the ideas of free speech, limited government and capitalist economics with a team of young people.

Our Story

This organization started on Instagram. All of our original members met through social media running political Instagram accounts. We all wanted more than that. We wanted to expand, grow to a larger platform and reach a wider audience. We joined a group called the Liberty News Network and provided original content for their website. When LNN  shut down, some of the former members came together to form the coalition that would be called the LockeSmith Society.  The name being a reference to the Locke Institute, a group that used to be lead by the late Grandfather of LockeSmith Societies' founder.

Meet the Team

We are students first. We live hundreds of miles from one another and have never met in person. Our interests are obvious and we use this medium in the pursuit of the advancement of freedom.

Daniel P

Founder, Writer, and Commentator

Capitalist Libertarian, Presbyterian Christian, Reader.

Keller Lloyd

Political commentator and writer

Capitalist Libertarian, Athlete, Provocateur

Adrian S

Field Reporter, Political Commentator